Summers in Iceland

Hi all travellers!

After visiting Iceland, I must say it is my favourite country in the world!

I hope after seeing this blog, you guys also consider Iceland in top of your bucket list.

I am serious guys, you will create a trip for a lifetime.

This blog I have written to give you an idea of what you can see in Iceland in 4 days. If you want to stay more you can adjust accordingly. Let the adventure begin! Are you excited?

21055134_1525496877510289_6057879083762214330_oAll packed

Day 1- Blue lagoon

First day in Iceland, my excitement was on another level. Once I landed in Reykjavik airport, I took a taxi and headed to blue lagoon. It’s around 20 minutes drive from the airport, but if you flew in late, you can come back the next day (as it closes by 10 pm and opens up its doors around 9 a.m. depending on the season). It is a man-made lagoon placed above the lava located in Grindavik that’s the reason it has warm water and of blue colour (because of high sulphur content). Most attractive thing there is, mask, I am not kidding they will give you mask to apply on your face. It is very rich in minerals and give you so so soft skin 🙂


Day 2- Reykjavik city

Don’t forget the city. I really felt bit Reykjavik city is little bit different from other cities of Europe. It has its own cultural life and warmth. Buildings are quite simple and designed to tolerate the North Atlantic winds. Many of the country’s most popular sights are within easy reach of Reykjavík. City is quite expensive so I preferred to stay in Airbnb and also, I brought some readymade food from my country.

City is surrounded by mountains so you can go for trekking, as I did it in Ulfarsfell mountain just infront of my Airbnb. Once you reach the top you will see beautiful panoramic view of Reykjavik.

Day 3- Langjokull glacier, Skogfoss, Seljalandsfoss, DC-33 plane Wreckage, Seljavallalaug

Iceland is full of glaciers! There are many activities you can do there, glacier walks being the basic ones. You should start your day early otherwise you can not cover all places in limited period of time. If you want to go for glacier hike, its very important you should book ahead your guide specially on high season else you will not get any. That will take you a big chunk of your day already.



After the hike, our guide took us a point where he gave us bicycle and told us to follow him. We rode for around 5km in a very rough road, we had not idea where he was taking us. Then we saw epic white DC-3 plane on the total black sand. That view was cool and surreal just like a science fiction movie. This ride was really worth. Vehicles are not allowed in this area and if you don’t have bicycle you have to walk for at least 2 hr.


Precaution: Going alone to the plane is very risky as because there is no sign on the road to point out where to turn and the plane cannot be seen from the road. So a tour guide is must otherwise you will lost and sometimes during bad weather you will not find anyone to help you.

Iceland’s main ring road strings together an endless series of epic landscapes. Less than two hours drive east of Reykjavik are two of the world’s most beautiful waterfalls, Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss. If you are going close to get a picture, I assure you will get wet. So, bring your waterproof jacket / garbage bag with you! Also, you can hike above the Skoggafoss waterfall only if you have enough time and enegy after hike and bic. There is a big plateau over there, with outstanding views. Just continue to the main road you will see another waterwall, Seljalandsfoss. You can also walk behind this waterfall and ya this time you will get completely wet. Also get a cup of coffee from near mobile van and enjoy the view.




Just 300 or 400m beside this waterfall, there is another waterfall called Gljúfrafoss. This is how its looks like



Day 4- Black sand beach, Vik village, Ice cave

After beautiful waterfalls, you should continue your trip towards eastwards side, Vik city. It is famous for its black sand beach. It is supposed to be one of the most beautiful non-tropical beaches of the world, and for good reasons! There are some particular rock formations to be seen here: hexagonal basalt columns, created as a result of the cooling of lava after an eruption.



Also, while coming back don’t forget to cover caves where you will see ice crystal. For this also you must have tour guide with you else you will have lost for sure and wear gloves because touching ice with bare hands is very difficult (I faced this problem).

“In Iceland, every part is a story waiting to unfold. This is my Icelandic story, tell me yours in comments below! it’s one you’ll keep telling for the rest of your days.”

Here comes the movie. Watch my Iceland video on youtube. See you soon with my next blog with some another exciting story till date take care. Happy summers


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